Artist Melissa Bruck has been making "black-light" or Ultra-Violet reactive art for over 10 years. She  is enamored by the magical special effects that the glowing produces for viewers and utilizes it whenever she can. She has been involved in black light theater troupes creating puppets, characters, scenic back-drops, murals and costumes as well as performing in these multimedia shows.

In Chicago she worked with Von Orthal Puppet Studios to create a black-light theater adaption of the Mayan creation story, The Popol Vuh. On Maui she has worked extensively with fellow black-light loving friend, Rachel Deboer. Melissa is one of the founding member of The Ultra-Violets Black-light Burlesque troupe on Maui and has created shows with Next Level Theater Productions, such as Crossroads of Light, EnLIGHTenment, and E Na Aumakua, performed at the Ritz Carlton during the Hawaiian Celebration of the Arts.

The Neon Chameleon specializes in black-light murals, face and body painting, costume design and stilt walking performances. Please contact Melissa 866.6045 for more information on how R.C. can brighten up your event.

The Neon Chameleon